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into a client-ready solution fast!

PostXL turns your solution into a client-ready, professional web and mobile application within days. Made by consultants for consultants and other professionals.

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Elevate your tool

PostXL lets your approach and business logic shine in a powerful tool. We convert or build your idea in days, freeing you and your team to focus on the client - not on IT.

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  company: "McKinsey & Company",
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Excel to App - in days

PostXL supports all the relevant Excel features (e.g. formulas, conditional highlighting, traffic lights) and adds powerful features (e.g. Kanban boards, live-update, dashboards), turning your tool into a modern app.


Out of the box, PostXL is ready for a full enterprise deployments: Auditing, on-prem/cloud hosting, Single-Sign-on, hierarchies, custom reporting periods, endless lists, live updates, …

Fully embrace Excel

Excel can be used to extend any PostXL solution: Every view can be linked to custom Excel files, allowing advanced users and your team to quickly perform their own reports or bulk imports & edits.



Grow your solution

PostXL is built to scale your solution in any direction: across many users, multiple clients, languages and currencies, …


White-label and Customize

Your approach, your solution, your branding! From the start, each PostXL solution is customized to look like your solution - and can run on your domain!

Easy Integration and Extension

PostXLs plugs into automation tools like Zappier and n8n, enabling easy integration with minimal effort. A powerful and flexible API also allows direct integration into other tools.

Export to Excel

Export data back to Excel, modify it, and import it back again. Or don't. There's no vendor lock-in, and you are in complete control of your data.



Generate impact

PostXL consolidates all vital information and turns them into impact by giving users access to the right analyses - on the phone or table, in the browser, or in Excel!

iPad & iPhone App

PostXL generates enterprise-grade web application and an app for iPhone and iPad, bringing vital information to your client's fingertips.

Management Dashboards

Interactive custom dashboards built with PowerBI, Tableau or other BI solutions can be integrated!

Free your team

PostXL lets your team focus on your clients by offloading the work that goes into developing tools to customize the needs of your client.

You are in good company

PostXL allows us to start a new project with a customized app, saving us a lot of time while improving the quality of the collected data!

Prem Umesh, Project ManagerMcKinsey & Company

No matter if it is a large M&A endeavor, a critical restructuring and value creation project or a global enterprise transformation - PostXL enables you to monitor execution, track progress and have an excellent overview at any time.

Roland Drapatz, Head of Transaction AnalyticsGrant Thornton

PostXL allowed us to scale our complex Excel workflow for brokerage management to a fully-fledged multi-user app within weeks instead of internally estimated 2 years! Incredible!

Bernhard A., Senior ControllerING
About Us

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Peter Albert

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Co-Owner of data2impact, specialized in Excel and web apps for consultancies.
  • Former Project Manager at McKinsey&Company, Consultant at Bain.

Matic Zavadlal

Co-Founder, CTO

  • Co-Founder and CTO of strader.io & LogonLabe.
  • Author of SwiftGraphQL, nookies and GraphQLShield OSS Libraries.

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